Zimbabwean Birth Certificate

Zimbabwean citizens, including minors under the age of 18, wishing to relocate, travel or get married overseas – will need to present a Birth Certificate during Visa application processes, before marriage ceremonies commence and during the process of applying for foreign citizenship.

To add to this, the Zimbabwean Registrar General does not store all the information that assists in issuing digital Birth Certificate documents on their system, so they would first need to obtain the original birth certificate from their hard copy archives, a process which can sometimes take months to complete.

Thankfully, the Clearance Central team of experts is highly skilled in expediting Birth Certificate applications for Zimbabweans living outside the country and abroad, providing much-needed convenience and swift turnaround times to complete this process.

We offer the following services:

  • Duplicate Full Birth Certificate applications (in the case of loss or damage to the original document that was initially issued)
  • External Birth Certificate applications

Applying for a Zimbabwean Duplicate Birth Certificate

If you have lost your original Zimbabwean Birth Certificate, Clearance Central can assist with applying for a Duplicate Birth Certificate on your behalf, giving you peace of mind in knowing that we guarantee a speedy service in returning your original paperwork at your convenience, no matter where you are situated.

You will need to send us the below:

Applying for a Zimbabwean External Birth Certificate

Individuals or minors who were born outside Zimbabwe to Zimbabwean citizens other than by descent, are legible to apply for a Zimbabwean External Birth Certificate.

You will need to send us the below:

  • A completed application form (which you can simply download at https://clearancecentral.co.za/downloads/)
  • Certified copies of both parents’ passports
  • Certified copies of both parents’ IDs
  • Certified copy of Marriage Certificate (if not married, both parents must acknowledge paternity)
  • Certified copy of foreign Birth Certificate
  • Service fee

Upon receipt of your relevant documents, Clearance Central agents will oversee the entire application process on your behalf by submitting your documents to the Registrar General in Harare, and courier your original paperwork once the process is complete. We offer this convenient service to all our client so that they don’t have to deal with government officials, long queues and delays in completion, which can be stressful.

Clearance Central also provides the additional service of certifying your original documents or having them Apostilled for you, if necessary.

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