Frequently asked questions

A Police Clearance Certificate or PPC is a certificate confirming your criminal status i.e. if you had any criminal convictions, or if you don’t have any criminal convictions.
Any offence you were charged with and found guilty of. It can even be for a minor offence like drunk driving and disorderly behaviour. This also includes admissions of guilt.
Minor traffic offences and issues to do with bad debt will not appear on a Police Clearance Certificate.
When a person is marked or endorsed as “Wanted”, a Police Clearance Certificate will NOT be issued until this has been uplifted.
Clearance Central can assist in getting your Police Clearance Certificate processed from South African and Zimbabwean local police authorities.
A set of fingerprints on an SAPS Form 91(a) (for South Africa) and appropriate police form (for Zimbabwe), a copy of your ID or passport and proof of payment.
You will need your ID or your passport.
A Police Clearance Certificate is valid for 6 months.