Zambia Letter Of Non Impediment

A Certificate of Non-Impediment to Marriage is a sworn statement that affirms that one is single and eligible to marry. Overseas marriage authorities often require further evidence that the individual is single and eligible to marry.

Zambian Law

The Minister or an authorised officer, upon proof being made to him by affidavit that there is no lawful impediment to a proposed marriage and that any necessary consent to such marriage has been obtained, may, if he shall think fit, dispense with the giving of notice and with the issue of the certificate of the Registrar and may, upon payment of the prescribed fee, grant a special licence in the prescribed form authorizing the solemnisation of a marriage between the parties named in the special licence by a Registrar or by a licensed minister of some religious denomination or body and may further, if he shall think fit, authorise the solemnisation of a marriage at a place named in the special licence, not being a licensed place of worship or Registrar’s office.

A Letter of No Impediment via High Commissions in foreign countries, or even through local government departments, could take as long as 6 months, but the convenient service at Clearance Central offers safe, secure and swift turnaround times.

Applying for a Zambian Letter of No Impediment

Below are the documents you will need to send us for us to assist with your Letter of No Impediment application request:

  • Affidavit Form of Non–Impediment completed by a Deponent (a biological relative who must be older than the Applicant).
  • Copy of the National Registration Card (NRC) of the Applicant.
  • Copy of the National Registration Card (NRC) of the Deponent.
  • Certified copy of National identity card or Passport.
  • Proof of address.
  • If divorced, Decree Absolute.
  • If widowed, Death Certificate of previous spouse (and Marriage Certificate).
  • If your name has been changed by Deed Poll, proof is necessary.

Upon receipt of your documents, Clearance Central agents will submit your application on your behalf to the Zambia Department of National Registration, Passport and Citizenship (DNRPC) and courier your original Letter of No Impediment once the process is complete.

Clearance Central also provides the additional service of certifying your original Letter of No Impediment or having it Apostilled for you, if necessary.

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