Terms & conditions

Terminology of noted asterisks (*):

  • *Specified client groups – Individuals who are legible to seek and receive services offered by Clearance Central
  • *The business – Referring to Clearance Central and its employees in this instance
  • *The client/Clients – Referring to anyone or any organisation receiving services rendered by Clearance Central

Below are the Terms and Conditions that you as a client adhere to during all service-rendering that takes place through Clearance Central.

By making use of the service(s) and/or product(s) offered by Clearance Central, you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions:

  1. Clearance Central is a legally registered document service provider facilitating in following areas of product offerings:
    1.  Police Clearance Certificate applications on behalf of *specified client groups;
    1.  Document Apostilling on behalf of *specified client groups;
    1.  Document certification/Commissioner of Oaths on behalf of *specified client groups;
    1.  Background Screening/Electronic Fingerprint Verification against SAPS Criminal Record Centre Database on behalf of *specified client groups;
    1.  Background Screening/Electronic Fingerprint Verification for South African Council for Educators (SACE) Police Clearance Certificate applications on behalf of *specified client groups;
    1.  Document Translation on behalf of *specified client groups.
  2. Service Indemnity Pertaining to Results Received:
    1.  Clearance Central cannot be held liable for any undesirable results received on behalf of the client;
    1.  Apart from a service being rendered within stipulated timelines, Clearance Central cannot be held accountable for a result deemed as “unfavourable” to the client upon completion, where applicable. (E.g. Rejected Police Clearance Certificate applications, Criminal Record Background Checks confirming pending/ongoing/current conviction status.)
  3. Service Indemnity Pertaining to Processes Undertaking:
    1.  Clearance Central is not an official government organisation or legally appointed advisory institution;
    1.  All services rendered by Clearance Central are conducted upon request by clients;
    1.  Clearance Central neither does not issue Police Clearance Certificates, nor verify the criminal record status of individuals;
    1.  Clearance Central services are facilitated processes undertaken on behalf of clients upon request.
  4. Payment of Services:
    1.  Clearance Central will not conduct any service offering before receiving full payment of the offering(s) desired by client;
    1.  Clients are responsible for ensuring that the correct service requested is indeed the required offering being sought after;
    1. Clearance Central will issue an official invoice to the client before payment can be made for any service or product offering;
  5. Submission of Documents and Application Forms to Clearance Central:
    1.  Clients are required to submit relevant application forms and additional documents necessary for a service to be rendered by Clearance Central, via courier, at the cost of the client.
  6. Stipulated Timelines of Services Rendered:
    1.  Clearance Central will communicate service/product-specific timeline ranges for which clients may expect completion of the requested offering;
    1.  Clearance Central will fully commit to rendering completed services within stipulated timelines communicated to clients, relevant to all product offerings;
    1.  In the unfortunate event of unforeseen circumstances due to causes beyond the control of Clearance Central employees, the business reserves the right to extend/adjust timeframes upon which clients are to expect full completion of requested services rendered.
  7. Return of Original Documents to Clients Upon Completion of Rendered Services:
    1.  Upon completion of requested services by clients, Clearance Central will email certified documents to clients so that they may verify/confirm that the information contained within the document applied for on their behalf is correct;
    1.  Once Clearance Central receives confirmation that the information contained within the document applied for on their behalf is correct, the business will courier the original document to the client(s) at no additional cost;
    1.  Terms stipulated in point 5.5.1 may result in clients incurring additional costs in the return of completed documents, if stipulations are not adhered to accordingly by the client(s).
  8. Refund Policy:
    1.  If services are not rendered to clients within communicated timelines, due to delays caused by Clearance Central, clients are entitled to a full money-back refund – with regards to the specific product offering requested;
    1.  Terms stipulated in point 6.6.3 may result in the money-back guarantee being waived by Clearance Central, due to the nature of the circumstance(s) causing delay(s) in requested services being rendered within communicated timeframes.
  9. The Terms and Conditions stipulated above hold both Clearance Central and all its clients to safe, secure and convenient practices, that are in accordance with the South African law, with the main objective being to render services that facilitate in the satisfactory completion of client needs.