Driver’s License Verification

What is a Driver’s License Verification?

The Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC) will upon request, issue a printout of the licence required and supply a Letter of Confirmation of the licence. This letter reflects the date the licence was first issued.

When should you produce a Driver’s License Verification?

It might prove difficult to rent a vehicle when abroad and if successful, the insurance premiums may be high. This is due to the fact that South African (CCF) drivers’ licences only indicate the date of issue of the specific licence, but not when the holder first qualified as a driver.

Clearance Central can assist with the application for a printout and Confirmation Letter of one’s driver’s licence from the Road Traffic Management Corporation prior to travelling or whilst abroad if you are planning to hire a vehicle. Some countries may not accept South African drivers’ licences as valid licences and it may be necessary to apply for an international driver’s licence from the Automobile Association before departure from South Africa

How we can help

At Clearance Central our focus is on providing you with convenience so that you don’t have to stress yourself with long application processes. We are qualified to expedite the process ofreceiving your Driver’s License Verification, guaranteeing speedy turnarounds. We will require the following:

  • Courier a copy of your ID
  • Courier a copy of your driver’s licence
  • We will also need your full contact details

Once we have received your payment and all your supporting documents, we will proceed to submit the application to:

The Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC)
Private Bag X147
Pretoria, 0001

As soon as your application is successfully completed, we will:

  • Email you a scanned copy of your Driver’s License Verification for you to have a look if all the details on the document are correct.
  • Courier the original document via DHL

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