Ethiopia Police Clearance Certificate

What is an Ethiopia Police Clearance Certificate?

An Ethiopia Police Clearance Certificate is also known as a Certificate of Good Conduct and is issued by The Ethiopian Federal Commission Forensic Investigation Department. This document confirms that the applicant has never partaken in any criminal activity and is also required when a person applies for immigration status to other countries. The importance of the Certificate of Good Conduct/PCC is to ensure that the applicant meets the requirements of the Immigration rules for the visa application and assure potential employees that they are not a criminal.

Why Choose Clearance Central

Clearance Central is a reliable document services expert and our team of professionals is highly skilled in expediting the application process for your Ethiopian PCC through swift turnarounds that guarantee convenience and hassle-free waiting periods.

Our Process

Anyone looking to apply for an Ethiopian PCC will need to provide us with 10-fingerprint impressions as a mandatory requirement, which can be done at your nearest police station, as well as provide us with the following:

  • An application form must be duly completed.
  • 2 recent passport size photographs.
  • Letter explaining the purpose for which the Police Clearance Certificate is requested.
  • Certified copy of applicant’s work permit or dependent card (if applicable).
  • Certified copy of Ethiopian Identity card (if any).
  • Certified copy of passport .
  • Power of attorney – authorizing us to submit and collect on your behalf.
  • Should a maiden surname and/or other surnames be required on the requested Police Clearance Certificate, this will need to be mentioned in the application and proof of the maiden surname and/or other surnames will need to be provided and attached to the PCC application. (e.g. a certified copy of marriage certificate).

Once we have received your payment and all your completed documents, we will proceed to submit the application to:

Ethiopian Federal Police Commission
Forensic Investigation Department
P.O. Box 80358
Addis Ababa

As soon as your application is successfully completed, we will:

  • Email you a scanned copy of your Police Clearance Certificate for you to have a look if all the details on the document are correct.
  • Courier the original document via DHL

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